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Created By:

Joe Ruby, Ken Spears


Wonderbug's alter ego "Schlepcar" was an old, beat up, conglomeration of several junked cars that looked like a rusty dune buggy. Schlepcar was alive and could drive itself, and could also talk in a mumbling voice. It was found in a junk yard by teenagers Barry Buntrock, C.C. McNamara and Susan Talbot. Schlepcar transformed into the shiny metal-flake orange Wonderbug when a magic horn was sounded. In his Wonderbug identity, Schlepcar had the power of flight and was able to help the three teens capture crooks and prevent wrongdoing. 




David Levy, John-Anthony Bailey, Carol Anne Seflinger

Run Dates:

September 11, 1976 September 2, 1978


Wonderbug - Vol. 1 [VHS]  -  Making Crop Circles Since 2004