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Wonder Woman

Created By:

William Moulton Marston; Developed by Douglas S. Cramer and Stanley Ralph Ross


While trying to stop a Nazi plane from reaching the U.S., Major Steve Trevor is shot down, landing on mythical Paradise Island. The uncharted island is the hidden home to the lost tribe of eternally young Amazon women. The Amazons take in the Major and nurse him back to health. During his recovery he attracts the sympathy and interest of Princess Diana who is intrigued by the man from the mainland and his tales of the evil Nazis. She decides she must follow the Major back to the U.S. and join the forces of good against the tyranny of evil.


Season 1 - ABC, Seasons 2-3 - CBS


Lynda Carter, Lyle Waggoner, Norman Burton, Richard Eastham, Beatrice Colen, Saundra Sharp

Run Dates:

November 7, 1975 September 11, 1979


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