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Wizards and Warriors

Created By:

written by Don Reo, directed by Bill Bixby and Richard A. Colla


A satire-comedy of sword and sorcery, the legendary Kingdom of Camarand is ruled by good King Baaldorf and Queen Lattinia. Their daughter, Ariel, is engaged to Prince Erik Greystone, who becomes Camarand's Champion against a neighboring kingdom ruled by evil Prince Dirk Blackpool. Erik was always helped by his servant, Marko, the strongest man in the kingdom and often hindered by his brother, Justin.




Jeff Conaway, Walter Olkewicz, Duncan Regehr, Julia Duffy, Clive Revill, Thomas Hill, Ian Wolfe, Tim Dunigan, Jay Kerr, Julie Payne, Randi Brooks, Phyllis Katz, Lonnie Wun

Run Dates:

February 26, 1983 May 14, 1983


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