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Whiz Kids

Created By:

Philip DeGuere, Bob Shayne


Richie Adler is an advanced computer user with cutting edge skills. Presumably he has inherited these abilities as well as most of his computer equipment from his father.[2] He acquires obsolete equipment that was scheduled to be scrapped and sends it to Richie. He even sends a programmable robot, Herman.[3] Richie collects this obsolete computer equipment from his father and reassembles it to form RALF, his pet name for his computer system. Richie and his friends come across mysteries which they attempt to solve using his computer skills with RALF's power. Guidance is often provided by newspaper reporter Farley. The cases often involved money-hungry criminals working inside business or government who would assault and murder people to cover-up their deeds.  




Matthew Laborteaux, Andrea Elson, Todd Porter, Jeffery Jacquet, Max Gail

Run Dates:

October 5, 1983 June 2, 1984


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