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Run Dates:

October 1953 -

July 1955


Network: CBS



Synopsis: Shortly after he purchases a home, Cosmo Topper, a bank vice president, discovers that he has inherited three ghosts--its previous owners, George and Marian Kerby, a man and wife who were killed while skiing in Switzerland, and Neil, a liquor-consuming Saint Bernard dog, who was also the victim of the avalanche.  The ghosts try to put some excitement and joy into the life of the somewhat stodgy and conservative Cosmo.  An embarrassed Cosmo would have to create some kind of explanation to others who would be baffled, and often even amusingly frightened, by seeing them.


Cast: Leo G. Carroll, Lee Patrick, Robert Sterling, Ann Jeffreys, Kathleen Freeman, Thurston Hall, Edna Skinner


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