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The Wizard

Created By:

Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz, Paul B. Radin


Simon McKay is a genius inventor who chooses to spend his life as a philanthropist and innovative toymaker dedicated to preserving and protecting innocence. Agent Alex Jagger is assigned to protect Simon from the evil forces who wish to use Simonís genius for their own purposes. They are soon joined by Simonís long time friend, Tillie Russell. Simon, Alex, and Tillie become a family unit working together through adventure and adversity, especially when it comes to defeating Simonís self-proclaimed arch-enemy, Troyan, who would rather seek revenge upon the world for his suffering from the radiation poisoning he brought upon himself than take responsibility for his own actions.




David Rappaport, Douglas Barr, Fran Ryan

Run Dates:

September 9, 1986 Ė March 12, 1987


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