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The Munsters Today

Created By:

Producers: Arthur L. Annecharico, Bryan Joseph, Lloyd J. Schwartz


Grandpa creates a sleeping machine which makes the user fall asleep for a selected amount of time. While the victim is asleep, his/her age does not change. The machine was tested on the entire family. When Grandpa sets the dial for 30 minutes and shuts the door, a flash of light and a falling beam change the dial to "Forever". 22 years later, a developer named Mr. Preston and his assistant want to buy the Munsters' home and turn it into a parking lot. Mr. Preston and his assistant are exploring the house. Mr. Preston forces his employee to search Grandpa's lab; after getting tangled in spider webs he knocks the dial to off. The Munster family awakens to the world of 1988. They all struggle to find their way in the strange new era.




John Schuck, Lee Meriwether, Howard Morton, Jason Marsden, Hilary Van Dyke

Run Dates:

October 8, 1988 May 25, 1991


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