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The Immortal

Created By:

Based on the scifi novel The Immortals by James Gunn


Ben Richards is a test car driver for a large corporation. He's 42 years old, but looks young enough to pass for 25 -- and he's never been sick a day in his life. Ben's life changes when he donates a pint of blood. Upon further examination, it is determined that his O negative blood contains all known antibodies and immunities, which essentially makes him biologically immortal, unlikely ever to die of natural causes. When a dying billionaire is given a transfusion of his donated blood, and is brought back from the brink of death, the billionaire decides that he has to control Richards' life so he can access his life-saving blood.




Christopher George, Don Knight, David Brian

Run Dates:

September 24, 1970 January 14, 1971


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