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The Fades

Created By:

Jack Thorne




A coming-of-age fantasy drama showcasing the supernatural skills of a reluctant teenager named Paul. His best friend, Mac, as well as his therapist, are completely stunned by the apocalyptic dreams that heís been having. His twin sister Anna is also unsympathetic of his socially awkward behavior. As if things arenít difficult enough, Paul is seeing the spirits of the dead (known as Fades) all around him. An embittered Fade finds a way to break the barrier between the dead and the living, aiming its vengeance at Paul, Mac and their loved ones. Soon the fate of humanity rests in the hands of the two best friends, who already have enough trouble getting through the day in one piece, let alone saving the world.  


BBC America


Iain De Caestecker, Daniel Kaluuya, Lily Loveless, Joe Dempsie, Tom Ellis, Johnny Harris, Sophie Wu, Daniela Nardini

Run Dates:

January 14, 2012 - March 2012


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