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The Day of the Triffids

Created By:

Based on the novel from author John Wyndham; produced by David Maloney and directed by Ken Hannam


A meteorite shower unexpectedly renders most of humanity blind. Bill Masen, who by chance has retained his sight by virtue of being in hospital with his eyes bandaged, joins a small band of similarly lucky survivors. As British society collapses and the human race turns against itself, the survivors must fend off attacks from roving bands of the blind. They must also fight to stay one step ahead of the Triffids. These mobile carnivorous plants, armed with a lethal stinger, had hitherto been farmed for their oil. With the apparently coincidental collapse of social order, the Triffids run amok amongst the helpless human population, slaughtering and feeding on them.


BBC One (British television)


John Duttine, Emma Relph, Maurice Colbourne, Stephen Yardley, Gary Olsen

Run Dates:

September 10, 1981 - October 15, 1981


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