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The Addams Family


Run Dates:

September 1964 -

April 1966


Network: ABC



Synopsis:  "You rang?"  Inspired by Charles Addams's New Yorker cartoons, The Addams Family is about a tight family with many fiendish and grim interests in common where their culture clashes with rest of society.  They are often puzzled by the horrified reactions to their good-natured, if extremely bizarre behavior, since they are under the impression that their tastes are shared by most of the world and their visitors.  The very wealthy and overly enthusiastic Gomez Addams loves his beautiful wife Morticia deeply.  Their two children, Wednesday and Pugsley, Uncle Fester and Grandmama, all reside in an ornate, gloomy, mansion, attended by their servants, Lurch, the towering butler, and Thing, a hand that usually appears out of a small wooden box.


Cast: John Astin, Ted Cassidy, Jackie Coogan, Carolyn Jones, Lisa Loring, Blossom Rock, Ken Weatherwax  -  Making Crop Circles Since 2004