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Tales of the Unexpected

Created By:

Roald Dahl


An anthology series based on the wicked wit of Roald Dahl's books introduced stories with a playfully macabre sensibility and an appreciation for the dark side of humanity.


ITV, British Television


Various: Brian Blessed, Anna Neagle, Timothy West, Rod Taylor, John Gielgud, Elaine Stritch, John Mills, Julie Harris, Wendy Hiller, Ian Holm, Joan Collins, Joseph Cotten, Derek Jacobi, Janet Leigh, Andrew Ray, Siobhán McKenna, Cyril Cusack.

Run Dates:

March 24, 1979 – May 13, 1988


Tales of the Unexpected, Set 1

Tales of the Unexpected, Set 2

Tales of the Unexpected, Set 3

Tales of the Unexpected, Set 4  -  Making Crop Circles Since 2004