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Robin Hood


Run Dates:

October 2006 - June 2009

(39 Episodes)


Network: BBC America




Created By: Dominic Minghella, Foz Allan


Synopsis: Robin of Locksley returns home from the Crusades to find his people starving and brutalized under the tyrannical rule of the new Sheriff. He quickly realizes that the only way to reason with this Sheriff is with bow and arrow. Something must be done to lift Nottingham out of oppression - even if it means sacrificing his title and land. He soon finds some allies and creates an outlaw gang in the forest.


Cast: Jonas Armstrong, Lucy Griffiths, Richard Armitage, David Harewood, Keith Allen, Gordon Kennedy, Sam Troughton, Joe Armstrong, Lara Pulver, Harry Lloyd, Clive Standen, William Beck, Anjali Jay, Joanne Froggatt


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