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Reaper: Season 1






Synopsis: For the first 20 years of his life, Sam wondered why his parents went so easy on him. Whether it was school, sports or career choices, ReaperSam's mom and dad always let him get by with the least possible effort. As a result, Sam skipped college, took a dead-end job at the local Work Bench home improvement store and now wastes endless hours playing video games. Everything in his slacker world changed the day Sam turned 21 and discovered the ungodly reason his parents let him slide: they sold his soul to the devil before he was even born.


Cast: Bret Harrison as Sam Oliver; Tyler Labine as Bert "Sock" Wysocki; Ray Wise as The Devil; Missy Peregrym as Andi; Rick Gonzalez as Ben; Valarie Rae Miller as Josie


Network: CW

Run Dates:  September 2007 - May 2009


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