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Created By:

Nicholas Corea


The story began in Houston, Texas in 1899, as Sheriff Jonathan Grail tried to round up the villainous four-man Pike Gang, of which he had once been a member. After cornering the four-man gang in a stormy graveyard, a bolt of lightning struck all five men - teleporting them 87 years forward in time, to 1986. With no way to get back to their original time, the five men worked out a truce, and started a private investigation / detective agency.  The five men, now working as the Double Eagle Detection Agency, helped right wrongs, protect the downtrodden, fought off drug lords and gang leaders - all while continuing to operate with 19th-century weaponry, including revolvers and shotguns. Several of the episodes dealt with problems the men faced in the 1880s, and now had to resolve the problems in the 1980s.




Rod Taylor, William Lucking, Patrick Houser, Charles Napier, Richard Roundtree, Christina Belford

Run Dates:

December 28, 1986 May 30, 1987


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