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Once a Hero

Created By:

Dusty Kay, Ira Steven Behr


Abner Bevis is the creator of a comic-strip superhero called Captain Justice. Lately Bevis is in a rut and repeating old storylines, and children have lost interest in the comic, so the comic's owners want to kill off the strip. Even the characters in the strip's fictional world of Pleasantville have started to notice that their lives are repeating themselves. Captain Justice decides to cross the Forbidden Zone into the real world, where he becomes a real human being with no superpowers. Also crossing over is a detective character called Gumshoe, who's looking out for Justice. The Captain's attempts to fight real-world criminals renews interest in the comic, and the owners agree not to cancel it; also, Bevis is inspired to make it more contemporary.




Jeff Lester, Milo O'Shea, Robert Forster, Josh Blake, Caitlin Clarke

Run Dates:

September 19, 1987 October 3, 1987


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