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New Amsterdam



Synopsis:  New Amsterdam is the story of a New York homicide detective unlike any other. He is brilliant, mysterious, reckless, magnetic, unknowable. New AmsterdamAnd he has a profound secret he is immortal. In 1642, John Amsterdam, then a Dutch solider in the colony of New Amsterdam later to become New York City stepped in front of a sword to save the life of a Native Indian girl during a massacre of her indigenous tribe. The girl in turn rescued Amsterdam, weaving an ancient spell that conferred immortality upon him. Amsterdam will not age, she told him, until he finds his one true love. Only then will he become whole and ready for mortality. But Amsterdam has found this to be a mixed blessing.


Cast: Nikolaj Coster Waldau as John Amsterdam; Zuleikha Robinson as Eva Marquez; Alexie Gilmore as Dr. Sara Dillane; Stephen Henderson as Omar


Network:  FOX

Run Dates:  February 2008 - May 2008


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