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Synopsis:  Journeyman follows the adventures of a family man who works as a San Francisco newspaper reporter. JourneymanInexplicably, he discovers that he is able to travel into the past with the purpose of positively (or negatively) affecting people’s lives. In line with his mission, he must deal with the difficulties at work and at home brought about by his sudden disappearances. To make things complicated, his travels in the past have reunited him with his ex-fiancée whom he lost in a mysterious plane crash, which complicates his present-day life with his wife and child.


Cast: Kevin McKidd as Dan Vasser; Moon Bloodgood as Livia Beale; Gretchen Egolf as Katie Vasser; Brian Howe as Hugh Skillen; Reed Diamond as Jack Vasser; Charlie Wyson as Zack Vasser.


Network:  NBC

Run Dates:  September 2007 - December 2007


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