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Flash Gordon

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Flash Gordon - The Premiere Episode

Flash Gordon



Synopsis:  The new Flash Gordon follows Flash and his companions, Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov through wild and momentous adventures. They're ordinary people thrust, often against their wishes, into extraordinary circumstances. In fact, they are Earth's last defense against the forces of a merciless dictator named Ming. As the series opens, we learn that Flash's father, the eminent scientist Dr. Lawrence Gordon, died in a laboratory fire when Flash was just 13. Flash has no way of knowing that something is approaching that will undo all he thought he knew about his father's death, and set him on a path punctuated by overwhelming responsibility and euphoric victories. Flash's adventure begins when a dangerous echo of his father's old experiments reaches him. He seeks advice from his old flame, Dale. She's a reporter for their hometown TV station, and she is engaged to police detective Joe Wylee. Flash GordonDale quickly becomes entangled with Flash in interstellar intrigue. It's no coincidence that Dr. Zarkov, a quirky assistant to Flash's father, also reconnects with Flash at that critical moment. Zarkov warns Flash of a transdimensional rift a tear in the universe's fabric like the one Flash's father was trying to create the night of the fire. That discovery might just turn out to be the least mind-blowing one that Flash will face.


Cast: Eric Johnson as Flash Gordon; Gina Holden as Dale Arden; Jody Racicot as Dr. Hans Zarkov; John Ralston as Ming; Giles Panton as Joe Wylee


Network:  SCI-FI

Run Dates:  August 2007 - February 2008


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