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Commando Cody


Run Dates:

1952 - 1955


Network: NBC




Synopsis: When the U.S. is attacked by a mysterious force wiping out military bases and industrial complexes, Commando Cody, strapped with a rocket-powered flying suit, deduces that the Earth faces a menace from our own moon, and rockets there to discover and confront the moon's dictator Retik, who boldly announces plans to conquer our planet and move his subjects there. The first Commando Cody series called Radar Men from the Moon was released in 1952. The second series called Commando Cody: Sky Marshall of the Universe premiered in 1955.


Cast: Judd Holdren, Aline Towne, Gregory Gaye, Craig Kelly, George Wallace, Roy Barcroft  -  Making Crop Circles Since 2004