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Created By:

Paul Fusco


Fansite: alftv


ALF follows an amateur radio signal to Earth and crash-lands into the garage of the Tanners. The Tanners are a suburban middle class family in the San Fernando Valley area. The family consists of social worker Willie, his wife Kate, their teenage daughter Lynn, younger son Brian, and their cat Lucky. Unsure what to do, the Tanners take ALF into their home and hide him from the Alien Task Force and their nosy neighbors Trevor and Raquel Ochmonek, until he can repair his spacecraft. He generally hides in the kitchen.




Max Wright, Anne Schedeen, Andrea Elson, Benji Gregory, John LaMotta, Liz Sheridan, Josh Blake, Jim J. Bullock, Paul Fusco, Lisa Buckley, Bob Fappiano, Michu Meszaros

Run Dates:

September 22, 1986 March 24, 1990


ALF - Season One

ALF - Season Two

ALF - Season Three

ALF - Season Four  -  Making Crop Circles Since 2004