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Race to Witch Mountain
7/30/08 - Andy Fickman, the director of Race to Witch Mountain, was a fan of the short-lived SF TV series Threshold, which in part spurred him to cast that show's star, Carla Gugino, in the role of a crusading UFO specialist.  Gugino  plays an astrophysicist who has become discredited because of her belief in UFOs. Gugino's character finds herself caught up in a race with two mysterious children (AnnaSophia Robb and Alexander Ludwig) and a Las Vegas cab driver (Dwayne Johnson) who are being pursued by government agents and a possible extraterrestrial.  Does Gugino's character share much with Molly Caffrey, the earnest head of the anti-alien government organization in Threshold? "Andy was actually a fan of the show, and when I first read this, I was like, 'Oh, God, I don't know if this is going to be too similar to this character I played,'" she said. "Because, for me, I always want to play something new, you know?"  As it turns out, Gugino's
Witch Mountain researcher is different enough, Gugino said. "Tonally, this movie's very different," she said. "There are the adventure elements, and there's the great sort of mystery and those elements, but there's a lot more comedy in this. And, ultimately, as we started to flesh her out and find her more, ... she's much goofier [than Molly]. This character is a total kook, and she's just much more like a kid in a candy store, whereas Molly was much more type A. ... But they could be sisters."  Race to Witch Mountain is slated to open March 13, 2009.


06/02/08 - Dwayne Johnson, who stars in the upcoming Race to Witch Mountain, said recently that the update of the classic Disney fantasy adventure plays like a ride in a Disney theme park.  The film is an update and remake of the 1975 Escape to Witch Mountain and deals with two children who have extraordinary powers and are being pursued by nefarious government agents and by a more sinister adversary. Johnson plays a troubled taxi driver who comes to their aid.  The switch of the name from Escape to Race reflects the new film's attitude about action. "We really treated the movie like a Disney ride," Johnson said. "So from the moment you get on, the ride begins: It happens just like that. And hence the title, Race to Witch Mountain. We played around with a couple of titles. We wanted that title: It was very fitting for the movie, and there's really a relentless drive with the movie. And it happens right away, just in terms of the race. And, for me, I love the idea of a guy who ... doesn't have much now, but he's made a lot of mistakes along the way, and he gets the opportunity to make a decision that is a very defining decision that happens to allow him to save the world."  Race to Witch Mountain, which also stars Alexander Ludwig and AnnaSophia Robb, is slated to open in March 2009.


04/29/08 - Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann, the original kid stars of Disney's 1970s Witch Mountain movies, are coming back for cameo roles in Race to Witch Mountain, the studio's re-imagining of the adventure tales that will star Dwayne Johnson.


03/14/08 - Carla Gugino will play the lead opposite Dwayne Johnson in Race to Witch Mountain, Disney's reimagining of its 1975 tween SF thriller Escape to Witch Mountain. Garry Marshall also will star.  Gugino will play a discredited astrophysicist and UFO expert who meets up with a Las Vegas cab driver. He asks for her extraterrestrial expertise to help a pair of psychic siblings escape the clutches of evil men and save the human race from impending doom.  Marshall plays a government and UFO conspiracy theorist/fringe scientist who helps them in their quest. Alexander Ludwig and Anna Sophia Robb play the siblings.


07/30/07 - Andy Fickman will remake Witch Mountain based on Walt Disney’s 1975 classic adventure movie.  The film was based on a sister and brother with paranormal powers, who go on the run from a diabolical group of men who wish to exploit their abilities. The brother and sister turn out to be extraterrestrials.



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