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Friday the 13thFriday the 13th
8/5/08 - Derek Mears, the stuntman/actor who takes on the iconic role of Jason Voorhees in the upcoming Friday the 13th reboot movie, said that the hockey-masked killer isn't all bad: He's just misunderstood. And you can be like him, too.  "I think, basically, he's a victim," Mears said. "And people can really relate to that, because anyone growing up who got picked on--either they're too tall, too short, had crooked teeth, doesn't matter what it is--they see he is a victim of society. Society has kind of rejected him. And he's accepted it and wants to be left alone. And now they've come in on him and invaded his area, and now he's fighting back. So it's almost kind of like, 'Yeah, I wish I could do that. My boss is a jerk face. I can't do that, but Jason can do that.' And they can kind live through him in a fantasy sort of way."  In the reboot movie, from director Marcus Nispel, Mears plays the machete-wielding mass murderer at a new version of Camp Crystal Lake. Jared Padalecki and Amanda Righetti star in the movie, which features a new set of young people who stumble across the boarded-up and abandoned summer camp and its lone denizen, to their misfortune.  In footage screened at Comic-Con, fans got a glimpse of the new, improved Jason, who actually moves faster than a slow, stalking lumber and even showed off what appeared to be at least one martial-arts move.  "In no way is Jason a martial-arts character," Mears said. "People are going to be like, 'What? Jason's doing martial arts? That's bullcrap!' No, he doesn't. It's just my background. It's basically based off of what's in the script and then something brand-new. He's a functional Jason. Like, how would you be if you lived in the woods by yourself for so long? You're not going to be extremely muscular, extremely well-fed. The idea is basically, he lives off the land. ... And the movements, from time to time, I would do little homages to some of the guys who've played Jason before me in alternate takes. I don't know if they're going to use it or not. We'll see, because I haven't seen the final product. But just giving respect to the guys who have come before me. But all in all, I've kind of done my own thing." Friday the 13th opens Feb. 13, 2009.


06/12/08 - Producers of the upcoming Friday the 13th--a reboot of the slasher franchise that takes the story back to the beginning--want to make clear that the film isn't a sequel and isn't strictly a remake of the first movie. Rather, the movie will incorporate elements of the first three Friday the 13th movies and will include a couple versions of the machete-wielding serial killer Jason Voorhees, who has come to embody the franchise.  "This one's hard, because on Chainsaw, it kind of was a reboot of the original, and on this one, ... everyone in this room knows that [Jason] didn't put the hockey mask on until the third movie," producer Andrew Form told a group of reporters visiting the film's Austin, Texas, set on June 6. "I would say most of the audience that will come see this movie doesn't know that. ... Most people think that Jason Voorhees was in the first one. ... The younger audience, they think he's in the first one, they think he's wearing a hockey mask, and that's kind of how this franchise started. They don't realize that Pamela [Voorhees, Jason's mother,] was basically the whole first one, [and] he didn't show up until the very end of the movie."  In the original 1980 Friday the 13th, the killer stalking the sexually active teens at Camp Crystal Lake was revealed to be Pamela (Betsy Palmer). Jason appears at the very end of the film, a decomposing corpse miraculously reanimated from the bottom of Crystal Lake.  "He came in late for that one shot," Form said. "And then the second one, of course, he wore the sack. And the third one, finally, you have that great moment when he comes out in the hockey mask. And I think, like you said, we tried to take elements from all three of those movies to create one reboot of Friday the 13th. And I think we take the elements where you will see Jason put the hockey mask on for the first time, how and why. And you'll see him actually do it, not just come out with it on."  Form's producing partner Brad Fuller added: "It's not presented as an origin story in the least. Buy this posterThat's not our goal here, to show how he put the mask on. The goal is to put a group of kids in Crystal Lake, bring him back to Crystal Lake, and have them meet Jason Voorhees, and along the way you kind of get a sense of the history, but that's not what the story is."  Friday the 13th, which wraps production on Friday the 13th of June, is set to open on Friday the 13th of February in 2009.


03/21/08 - Jared Padalecki is in final negotiations to star in the remake of Friday the 13th.  Marcus Nispel is directing from a script by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift.  The remake will focus on the serial killer, who will wear his now-iconic hockey mask. Padalecki will play the lead, who investigates what happened up at Crystal Lake.  A release is planned for Friday, February. 13, 2009.


12/31/06 - The next installment of Friday the 13th will go back to the beginning so we may learn about the origins of Jason Voorhees.  Marked as a remake of the original movie, it appears it's a little more than just a remake.  Jonathan Liebesman has been selected to direct.  Check out the website.



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