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2008 Movie Release




Release Date: March 7, 2008


Synopsis: Ti is a poor father who works all day, everyday at a construction site to make sure his son Dicky Chow can attend an elite private school. Ti can't afford to buy Dicky any expensive toys and goes to the best place he knows to get new stuff for Dicky--the junk yard! While out "shopping" for a new toy for his son, Ti finds a mysterious orb and brings it home for Dicky to play with. To his surprise and disbelief, the orb reveals itself to Dicky as a bizarre "pet" with extraordinary powers.


Director: Stephen Chow


Producers: Stephen Chow, Han San Ping, Chui Po-chu


Cast: Yuen Qiu, Chan Kwok Kwan, Tin Kai-man, Stephen Chow, Zhang Yuqi 


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