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The Amityville Horror


Release Date: April 15, 2005

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SynopsisOn November 14, 1974, Ronald Defeo confessed to methodically shooting his parents and four siblings while they slept, claiming "voices" in the house drove him to commit the grisly murders. One year later, George and Kathy Lutz and their three children moved into the house thinking it would be their dream home. But shortly after settling in, bizarre and unexplainable events began to occur to the family as George was plagued by nightmarish visions and haunting voices from the evil presence still lurking within the residence.  28 days after moving in, the Lutzes abandoned the home - lucky to escape with their lives.


Director: Andrew Douglas


Producers: Michael Bay, Andrew Form, Brad Fuller


Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Melissa George, Philip Baker Hall  -  Splicing Human and Alien Genes Since 2004